How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pendrive

Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Drive

Sometimes we noticed that our files or folders are shown as a shortcut in USB drive, PC or Pendrive. And main files are hidden, usually, we can’t use it. It’s caused by one type of Virus and this virus may spread to another PC via one USB to another USB or memory cards or it may Bluetooth. You can’t remove it by using anti-virus. As a result, the user can’t see the mail file or folder and can’t use that file when their time of need.

I think most of the people faced this problem and could not find any way to remove the files to use. I am also one of them who faced this problem. After then I was looking for a solution and ask friends to find a solution but most of were failed to give any tactics. I started to find another way on the internet and some blog site. I got many solutions to remove shortcut virus from Pendrive or PC. There are many tactics. Some tactics were complex and some of are easy. Some applications allow removing shortcut virus but you need to install the software first. The user doesn’t like this method. Today I will share the easiest way to remove shortcut virus from USB drive. There are available different methods to remove shortcut virus, First Method is using CMD and 2nd Method is using Software. Before you going to use a method, I highly recommend you to try the first method. It is very simple and easy.

You can remove shortcut virus from USB drive easily by using CMD. Just follow the below process:

>> Insert USB drive in your PC
>> Windows key + R
>> Type CMD & hit Enter
>> Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d D:\*.*   (D for USB drive letter)
>> Press Enter
>> You will see your file
>> Copy all files to your PC
>> Format your USB drive to clean virus

That’s all. Enjoy!