How to Take a Screenshot in Windows 10 / 8 / 7 Easiest Way

Take a Screenshot in Windows 10/8/7

By these following steps you can take a screenshot full screen, a specific window, or any section of screen.

Method 1: Using Print Screen 
To take a screenshot of Full Screen,
Press "Print Screen" key for desktop PC.
If you using Laptop, press Fn key + F12
Open paint to save the screenshot.
>> search with “PAINT” in the windows search box.
>> select the paint
>> press Ctrl key + V or click Past.
>> click on File menu and then save as.
>> select file type
>> click Save

Method 2: Using Snipping Tool

>> search with “Snipping Tool”
>> select the “Snipping Tool”
>> click dropdown right side of New option.
4 options are available:
Free-form Snip    : It is used to draw a free-form shape
Rectangular Snip : You can select particular section of the screen using                                       dragging the cursor.
Window Snip    : It is used to select a window, such as a dialog box or Taskbar                                that you want to capture.
Full-screen Snip: Capture the entire screen.

Now I am selecting Rectangular Snip
 >> select particular section using dragging the cursor.
>> click save
>> select type
>> select location
>> click save to save the screenshot.