How to Activate Microsoft Office 2016 Easiest Way

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 is a latest updated version of the MS Office productivity suite, following both MS Office 2013 and MS Office for Mac 2011. It was published on Sep 22, 2015, for MS Office 365 subscribers. Ordinary care ends on Oct13, 2020, and long support ends on Oct 14, 2025, same as Windows 10. The permanently licensed version on Windows and MacOS was published on 22 Sep, 2015. 

New features include the Windows the ability to create, edit, open, and save files in the cloud conventional from the PC, a new search tool for instructions available in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook user will see with the name "Tell Me", another "Send As" option is available in Word and PPT. Another new small feature also include Insights, a feature to deliver contextual info from the web powered by Bing, a Designer sidebar in PPT to improve the layout of slides, new templates and chart types are available in Excel, waterfall chart, histogram, box plot, calendar and financial templates, new animations option is also available in PPT, the capability to insert online video in OneNote, and a data loss deterrence feature in Word, PPT & Excel.

The UI design of MS Office 2016 for Windows is comparatively unchanged from its precursor, MS Office 2013. It holds the flat design that was announced along with the Metro design language, albeit a few feature to the layout are made, apropos conform to the design of MS Office Mobile. When MS Office 2016 was published, it came with three themes. The default theme aka "colorful", features a solid color on the top band of the ribbon, consistent to the color of the Office application being used, for an example, a solid dark blue is featured conspicuously in MS Word. The theme had been defined as useful in making the tab headings more distinct. In addition, both the "dark gray" and "white" themes from Office 2013 are available as well. A fourth "Black" color theme was included as part of an update in Jan 2016.


>> Download the file (see the Download link end of the article)
>> Extract the zip file. 
>> Run it as administrator.
>> Click on activate.
You can activate both Windows and Office at a time. 
If you want activate Office only, select Microsoft office 2016 check box.

>> Click on Activate
>> And click on yes
>> You will show Activation successful.
Let’s check the activation status now. 
You will receive the message “Product activated”

By using this application you can also activate Windows 10/8/7 and Microsoft office 2016/2013/2010.

Download Required File: Server 1