How to Speed Up Internet Connection on Windows 10/8/7

How to Speed Up Internet Connection

If you want to increase your internet speed. You can speed up internet connection without added cost just following this process: 

Step 1:
>> search with “Run” in windows search box. 
>> click on it. 
>> or Press “Windows key + R”
>> type “GPEDIT.MSC”, and then click OK. 
>> Expand Administrative Templates
>>  Under Administrative Templates, double click on Network and  or expand it
>> Expand QoS Packets Scheduler or double click on it
>> double click on “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” (right side window)
>> Within the Limit Reservable Bandwidth window, select “Enable” and Enter 0% as Bandwidth Limit
Step 2:
>> Right click on network icon and select “Open Network and Sharing Center”
>> In the Network and Sharing window, Look to the left side of the window, Select Change Adapter Settings.
>> Select network, right click on it and select properties. 
>> find Internet Protocol Version 4, and double click on it.
>> find DNS Server Addresses and click on it to enable this option
Enter in the Preferred DNS Server.
Enter in the Alternate DNS Server.
click on OK and close all other open windows.
Now Your internet speed will increase up to 20% faster than before.