How to Speed Up Windows 10

How to Make Windows 10 Faster

How to Speed Up Windows 10. These tips will help you improve performance on windows 10.  If you want to make faster computer it’s possible just follow the below tips that helps to improve Windows 10 performance.

Step 1 - Disable Startup Programs:
Several programs are automatically run at startup, so that user uses that program instantly available when user needs those. It has bad effect; windows can actually slow down. You can stop unused program some of these.  
>> Right-click the Start menu 
>> Click Task Manager or press (Ctrl+Shift+Esc)
>> Click Startup
>> Select a program which is not needed regular basis and click Disable

Step 2 - Disable Background Apps:
Some Apps running on Windows 10 background are without user’s interaction. But Most of those are no needed; a few are needed to use Windows 10 running properly. It may takes slow down you pc if you don’t use these apps regularly. Let’s disable Windows 10 background Apps that are not necessary. 
>> Click Start menu >> “Settings” 
>> Click “Privacy” icon under the Settings window
>> select 
Turn OFF apps which are not needed to regular use. 

Step 3 - Disable Transparency Effects
Transparency effects can add unnecessary effects for the special effects in taskbar and all other window-bar. If you want that classic solid look, turn off the transparency effects, and increase your pc performance.

>> Right-click on desktop and select Personalize
>> select Colors
>>Turn off “Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent” option

Step 4 - Disk Cleanup:
Disk Cleanup reduces unused files from your computer, which helps your PC run faster. Disk Cleanup deletes temporary files, system files; empty the Recycle Bin that longer needed. 
>> Open file explorer or Press (Windows key + E)
>> Select C drive and Right-click on it 
>> Choose Properties
>> click on the “Disk Cleanup” option
>> click on “Clean up system files” to clean up disk properly
>> select all checkbox, if some of are not selected.
>> click OK, and delete files
It may take some times to complete.

Hopefully, PC performance will be faster than before.

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