How to Defrag Windows 10 Easiest Way

Defrag and Optimize Drives in Windows 10

Defragging PC is the best way to increase PC's performance. There are two methods. You can use Windows 10 internal tool to automatically defragmentation you PC. There are many 3rd party tools that you can use or you can do it manually.  

Defragging increase files load times on your hard drive.  Windows save files as the fragment on the whole disk. Windows collect all part while running a program. It takes more times to collect all data at once. Defragmentation rearranges all data that help to reduce time to collect data. Defragging also improves performance of your PC. If you use SSD hard drive, no need to defrag your PC. It has a built-in function that already rearranges all data. It is so faster than other hard drives. 

Defragging Windows 10 PC rearranges fragmented all files on the hard drive that optimizes and reduce the amount of disk space and improve PC performance. If you defrag the hard drive all files fragments are rearranged to contiguous clusters. As a result, it easy to read the files on the hard drive and the computer runs faster. It’s ok to defrag only C drive. If you face long load time, you can also defrag all drive in the same process. Most of the times, all files are made fragmentation. It may take you PC slow down due to it checks overall place on the hard drive to collect all necessary pieces. To make faster your PC or run faster use the default tool in Windows for defragging. This process also works for Windows 8 and Windows 7. 

Here eTipsnTrix shown how to defrag windows manually and schedule, just follow the process below:

>> Click Start Button
>> Go to File Explorer
>> Choose C drive
>> Select Optimize under Manage tab
>> Click Analyze, it takes few times to complete
>> Click Optimize after completing Analyze

 You can also set schedule Optimization
>> Click Change Settings
>> Select Daily/Weekly/Monthly under Frequency
>> You can also choose specific drive 
That’s all. Enjoy!