How to Activate Windows 7 Easiest Way

How to Activate Windows 7

Windows 7 is PC operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows 7 was released on July 22, 2009.  And after three years later released Windows Vista & Windows Server.  Windows 7 was intended to upgrade to OS to address Windows Vista. Windows 7 is continuously updated with the addition of taskbar and new window features.  In addition, new features were added to the OS, libraries, data sharing, and multi-touch input device. Windows 7 shipped with some application such as IE 11, WM player, WMC. If we consider windows 7 with windows vista, Windows 7 is better than the other windows version because it has some new advanced features. Windows 7 is the more successful version rather than all other windows versions.

Windows 7 new features are touch input, virtual hard disk, handwriting, direct access, and so on. It supports graphics cards that perform better than the previous version. It has also included unit conversion, weight, length, age, temperature and much more. New features included in Control panels such as recovery, workspace center, display, clear Type, Icons, and Biometric. Windows Action Center it is also new feature it was known as Windows Security Center also known as WHC. The taskbar now bigger than previous where Quick Launch used instead of the pin app at the taskbar. Some features are not used to all users, so it has also an option that the user can enable or disable the particular application. 

Windows 7 is available to use with a different version, most of the users are using Ultimate. Home and Professional built only for home use and minor business. But windows come with only 90 day trial period. After that, you will receive a message to activate the windows. Microsoft has now stopped the new sale of Windows 7 on October 8, 2014. Microsoft decides that they will stop support on 2015 and they extend their support up to January 2020 for user convenience.

Here shown how to activate windows 7. First of all, you can check your windows activation status:  
Click the Start Button >> Right-click on "My Computer" >> and then Properties.  You will see Windows is not activated.

How to use Windows 7 activator: 
Let’s download the file. See the download link below:

>> unzip the file.
>> Run it as Administrator
>> click on install
>> to work properly, please Restart your PC.
>> Activation successful.
Let’s check the windows activation status.
You will see Windows is activated.

Windows.7.ISO.ENG.x86-x64 (4.4 GB): Server 1
Windows 7 Activator Only (1.44 MB) : Server 1 | Server 2                                



I'll admit, I've been running Windows 7 for six months now: Windows 7 is quite simply faster, more stable, boots faster, goes to sleep faster Even the preproduction version of Windows 7 was better than my Vista with SP2

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