How to Remove Google Account from Android Easiest Way

How to Remove Gmail Account from Android

If you are an Android phone user, you must have a Google to access Play Store. Google account let you access to all products of Google services. If you want to access Play Store, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Mail or any services of Google, you need one account for access. It is a great service of that reduces pain to handle multiple accounts. It is also difficult to remember user ID and password of multiple Google account.  


Some users have multiple Gmail Account on their Android phone all Gmail accounts no longer needed all time. In this view, some users want to remove unused Gmail account. Here Shown How to Remove or Delete Gmail account on Android. If you want to remove or delete Gmail account from your mobile phone. Please follow the below process:   
>> Go to “Device Settings”  
>> Click on “Accounts”  
>> Click on “Google Account”  
>> Click Gmail Account  
>> Click top right corner  
>> Click “Remove Account”  
>> Click again “Remove Account” to confirm   
>> “Google Account” removed successfully  

You can also remove any accounts (Facebook, Skype, Dropbox etc.) by using the same process.  It is the easiest way to delete Gmail account from Android Mobile. After removing specific Google account you also lose your authorization only for that account of that device.