How To Create Gmail Account Without Phone Verification

Create Gmail Account without Phone Verification

Gmail is the largest free email service in the world which allows you to send/receive emails. By using Gmail account you can access all Google services like Google Search, YouTube, Google maps Google drive and more. I think everybody knows about Gmail and have at least one account. Sometimes we need more than two accounts. But Google Does not allow verifying more than two accounts at one phone number.
To create a Gmail account mobile number is required which does not allow using more than 5 times registrations on Gmail. The verifying phone number also was optional before, but to make more secure, Google changed their policy to mandatory part of creating an email account. However, if you don’t want to discover your mobile phone information in the world, then there are many ways to create an account without phone verification. This process helps you to create Gmail account without a phone number.

Here shown how to create a Gmail account without phone verification in the easiest way. If you want to create unlimited Gmail accounts, just follow the process below:

>> Go to device Settings
>> Click Account
>> Add Account
>> Google Account
>> Create a new account
>> Enter your First name and Last name
>> Enter username (you may receive an error message username is not available)
>> Enter Password and Confirm password
>> Click SKIP if you want to create account without phone number
>> I AGREE >> Next >> Next
>> No Thanks and Continue
Successfully create Gmail account. Enjoy!!!!

Follow the above process and create Google account without phone verification. After creating new Gmail you need to check it is work properly or not. During login into your new Gmail, Google asks you to set recover Gmail account and phone number. I highly recommended you to set recovery email so that you can recover your Gmail, you lost your password.