How to Open Multiple URLs in one Click

How to Open Multiple URLs at Once

Sometimes people needs to open many links in the same time. Usually, people do it manually as copy the link and paste it in the browser. It takes more time to open manually and it is also boring task to open individually one by one. There are many ways to open multiple URLs in one click. Some websites offer you to open your URLs at once. There have also some add-ons for the browser to open URLs. You can use both, I prefer to use add-ons on the browser. For this method, you can use any browser, but I recommended to you to use Chrome. Because of other browsers may hang while opening multiple URLs. Chrome browser is better than all other browsers to do this type of work. 

This extension should have for the regular user of Google Chrome browser. Using this extension user can open multiple URLs at once and the user will not need to enter your URLs manually. This extension will save your time and keep the URLs in the database even after shutting your PC. 

Here shown how to add the extension to your Google Chrome browser only, for most of the browser are the same process to add add-ons on browse.
>> Go to Google & search with “Open Multiple URLs in Chrome
>> Go to the first Link
>> Click “ADD TO CHROME”
>> Click “Add Extension”
>> Copy your desire URLs which are you want to open
>> Open Extension (which you added recently)
>> Past all URLs in input box
>> Click “Open URLs”
All URLs will be opened automatically in a new tab. That’s it. 

Multiple URLs opener add-ons work on most of the browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Midori, Opera etc. To work properly you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.  By using this method u can unlimited URLs at once. But it depends on your PC performance.