How to Activate Windows 8/8.1 Easy Way

How to Activate Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8 is a PC OS developed by Microsoft. Before windows 8 lunching of its predecessor Windows 7 which lunching in 2009. And windows 8 was released in 2012. Windows 8 lunched with major changes to the previous version or all other OS. It’s also comfoneed to be Online while activatingrtable on tablets, mobile. Huge changes are marked in new windows; it supports touchscreen input and the start screen new feature in windows 8.  On 2013 Microsoft released anther version windows 8.1. The build was released in standard 32-bit and 64-bit versions of windows 8. After that a special 64 version was released which include SDKs and developer tools. The final version of windows 8 Enterprise N. 

New features in windows 8 include a faster startup and Hybrid Boot mode, a new lock screen with notification. Windows 8 supports USB 3.0 devices which make faster data transfers. Here used File Explorer instead of Windows Explorer includes a ribbon of the command bar. Redesigned the Task Manager including processes tab with display fewer/more details of running applications. Windows 8 is more secure rather than all other MS OS versions include two new authentication methods. In addition no need antivirus in this OS, Windows Defender already integrated. 

You can’t use all features of windows 8 if you did not activate it. Here I will introduce you with an activator or produce key. You can activate your windows easily by using this activator.   

This activator is easy to use and lifetime activator. It also supports all versions of windows 8. No need to be Online while activating. 

How to USE: 
>> Disable your Ant-virus temporally
>> Download the activator (see end the of the article)
>> Extract the zip file 
>> Run as Administrator and Install it
Restart your PC after completing activation.  

Download Required File: Server 1